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I told [personal profile] sailormgm that I would translate an omelette rice recipe for her. I got it from the episode of "Oneemans" that Ohno was on sometime in February. The food looked so good that I wanted to try it myself, but alas, grad school doesn't allow enough time for that. So, I'd like to state up front that I have not attempted this recipe myself. But if any of you lovely people would like to try, feel free!

Because different foods will be available to you in each of your countries, if you see something here that might be difficult to find, just use your instincts to substitute. Or simply add different things to make it your own recipe! Also, if you don't have a rice cooker, I imagine you could use a simple pot with a lid, but be sure to stir the rice periodically so it doesn't stick. Lastly, measurements are in American cooking terms because I'm too lazy to convert and we're all smart enough to use the intarnetz to figure out ounces to grams. Sorry. m-_-m

~*Chicken Rice*~

First, cut chicken into bite size pieces and boil in water with a pinch of salt.

When the color of the chicken changes, drain the water by putting it in a strainer/collander.

Next, put three cups of washed rice into the rice cooker.

Now comes the "Triple Tomato." You'll need: 1 whole diced tomato, skin removed... 1 small can tomato juice (looks to be about 8 to 12oz)... and 3 tablespoons (tbsp) ketchup.

Put the tomato things in the rice cooker with the rice. Stir it gently to mix it a little bit.

Next, add 3 cups of water. (Amount of rice = amount of water)

Add a crushed bouillon cube. In this case, I'd use chicken bouillon since it's a chicken based dish. 

Next, add the boiled chicken and other things like sliced bits of bacon, chopped onion, and chopped green pepper.

Add some butter, salt, and pepper. Then we're ready to switch the rice cooker on and let it do its thing!

When it's done cooking, it might look like this:

It's supposed to! Just stir it and it should turn a pretty shade of orange/red.


Now it's time for the omelette! First break three eggs in a bowl.

Add 3 tbsp of milk and beat with a whisk. Then add salt and pepper and beat with whisk again.

Heat some butter and cooking oil in a skillet, and when the butter melts, add the beaten eggs. 

Now, scramble the eggs like crazy! Tilt the pan at a 45 degree angle and push all the egg mixture to the side of the pan.

***OK, this is the hard part to explain. ^_^;
While still keeping the pan at an angle, use one hand to tap the handle and the other to move the pan. What you're trying to do is gently fold the egg over to make a round omelette. Think of it like in Chinese cooking when people make stir fry by shaking the wok and tossing the food slightly in the air. I seriously doubt I have the skill to do this, so if nothing else, just try to make a pretty omelette any way you can. ^_^

When the egg looks omelette-y, go ahead and put it on top of the rice.

Cut the omelette open and spread it over the rice.

Add some ketchup and parsley and you're done! :D


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