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A request from [profile] tipsytoe  because her boss is dumb and doesn't realize that Vietnam's location alone qualifies it for "Southeast Asia."

Yay! V6 in their sexy "Cho" outfits!

Inocchi starts out by saying that there's a rift between Tonisen and Kamisen. Taka asks if the rift has been there from a long time ago, and Nakai asks if they don't get along. Inocchi denies both suggestions and explains that the "V" in "V6" actually stands for "versus."
Sakamoto: "There's a meaning to it."
Nakai: "You mean it's not '6 guys doing volleyball?'"
Taka: "Wait a minute... wait a minute..."
Sakamoto: "What?"

Taka: "Terumi-san?"
Nakai: "Terumi? Terumi?"
Sakamoto: "I'm not doing oil paintings."
(Um.. watch the "Jasmine" Utaban talk and you'll get the joke. XD)

Inocchi goes on to talk about their new song, "Cho." V6 decided to do a more "adult" song, one that "is more fitting for Sakamoto Masayuki's age."

Nakai: "Aren't you 42 years old?"
Inocchi: "Haha, that's a bit too high."
Taka: "2 years older than me..."
Sakamoto: "No, that's not right."
Nakai: "49?"
Sakamoto: "That's older than Shonentai, isn't it?"

Inocchi continues with the specifics about the new single. He says that  the group wanted to do a more adult dance and that it was difficult. Since everyone had such busy schedules, finding time to meet at once to learn the dance was difficult, so instead, the choreographers met with each member individually.

Inocchi: "The people teaching those of us in Tonisen were regular guys, but for some reason, everyone in Kamisen had young women. Then these guys' memories suddenly became bad."
Nakai: "It hasn't always been like that, has it?"
Morita: "No, it hasn't."

Morita: "With the young women... we kinda got nervous."
Nakai: "Eh? You got nervous? And you couldn't concentrate?"
Morita: "Yes, that's it."
Miyake: "They were cute, weren't they?"
Morita: "Yeah, they were."

Nakai: *points to Ken* "Ah, we met in Muji, didn't we?"
Ken: "Haha, yes, we did." ^_^;
[/Nakai's random]
Nakai: "About how old were the women?"
Okada: "About 19..?"
Nakai: "AH! They were probably nervous too! It was their first time, right?"
Kamisen: "Probably was their first time, yeah."
Nakai: "Were they the assistants of the three old men teaching Tonisen?"
Inocchi: "It was Sam-san."
Nakai: "Sammy?"
I'm not sure who this mystery "Sammy" person is. It's not Ohno, that's for sure. =/

And now, V6 will get a lesson about private night life! SEXY~! ^o^ They begin by inviting out hostesses who know how to snag and please a man. DOUBLE SEXY~!
*is whacked*

The first lady is Shimizu Maria from Club Koto in Ginza. Oo la la!

Nakai: "Don't glance at her!!"

Nakai: *points at Okada* "Idiot! Acting all cool and glancing like this!" *imitates Okada*
Okada: "No, no, no..." ^_^;
Nakai: "Always going back and forth between the camera and her!"

Nakai: "Lecher!

Nakai & V6: "You're looking too much!!"
Nakai: "Seriously... like junior high school kids..."

Next is Uchino Ayaka from Club Ups in Kabukicho. Ooo, Kabukicho's rough. I wouldn't want to mess with her!
Taka: "She's got that 'ups' look, doesn't she?"

Taka: "I saw this person on TV. She's doing teppanyaki." (teppanyaki = grilling stuff on a large iron surface in a table.)
Ai explains that she's doing teppanyaki in two different places, one of them being the bar she owns. Nakai wants to know why she never comes around to his place and she explains that she feels most comfortable in her own space. Haha, too bad, Nakai-kun! XD

Then Ai-chan launches into her Matsuura Aya skit, which she apparently does at the bar too.

The MC part of this Ayaya concert has her talking about waking up at 9am and mistaking her toothpaste for face soap. She wondered why the face soap was stickier and harder than usual, and that's when she realized, "Oops, I made a mistake." It's adorable. My summary doesn't do it justice. Download now!

This would make a great icon. Just sayin'.

Now we'll bring out the fourth "butterfly" to teach our boys about lusty night stuff!
Taka: "From Ikebukuro Kitaguchi!"
Miyake: "Isn't your delivery a little odd?"
Taka: "It's okay! We've got Ginza, Kabukicho, Sangenchaya, and... Ikebukuro Kitaguchi."

Meanwhile, Go has literally been bouncing up and down in his seat.

Nakai: "Why can't you contain your enthusiasm?!"

Go: "I'm sorry!
Inocchi: "He's jumping around."
Nakai: "Don't get too excited!"
Go: "OK!"

From Ikebukuro's "Peach Girls," meet Sora! Ok, the little box says that she's the number one heaviest member of the recently popular trend of clubs for um... "plump people." o_0 There is such a thing? Really? You mean to tell me had I moved to Tokyo I may have had a future in the hostess industry??! T___T I'd make an adorable ageha girl.

Ah ha ha, I know this face. It's the same look my students used to give me on the first day of class. Go-kun, be a good boy, kay? ^_~

Nakai: "I thought, 'Is that a waterbed?'"

Taka: "It's Matsuko Deluxe, isn't it?"
Ai: "Sora's a woman!"

Nakai: "Sora-san, what's your favorite food?"
Sora: "Karaage. Please put mayonnaise on it too."
Nakai: "Karaage with mayonnaise?"
Sora: "Of course!"
Nakai: "You love it, don't you?"
Sora: "Yes, I love it!"

Question time! Okada wants to know what kind of presents the ladies have received from customers.

Maria: "A customer said he would give me a mansion, but since I was a little scared of that, I refused." (Mansion = Newer and more luxurious apartment buildings.)
Taka: "A mansion!"
Nakai: "So it wasn't 'I'll pay your rent for you,' but rather you'd get a whole building?"
Maria: "Yes."
Nakai: "Can someone give something like that?"

Taka: "But she's just that pretty! She's got something important!"
The boob jokes never get old for Taka! XD

Ken: "That guy's stupid!" *points to Taka*

Taka: *moving on to Ai* "Ken-chan?"
Ai: "Wait a minute! Don't use my real name! My real name is a secret.
Nakai: "But you're Kenji, right?"
Ai: "I'm not Kenji. When I was helping out in a shop in Hawaii, I received tuna. One whole fish."
V6: "Ehhh??"
Nagano: *clearly excited* "One whole tuna?"
Ai: "It had just been caught."
Nakai: "One whole fish?!"
Ai: "Yes, it came in the shape of the actual fish. Two people came carrying it into the club in a wooden box."
Taka: "As to be expected for a hostess!"

Question from the ladies! Ayaka wants to know what fetishes the guys of V6 have.

Taka: "I wanna hear Okada-kun's~!"

Ooo! So Okada likes a good neck!
Nakai: "The neck? What part? The nape?
Okada: "Nope, right here." *touches the sides of his neck*

Taka: "Whose celebrity neck do you like?"
Nakai: "When you're talking about celebrities and necks, nobody says 'Oh yeah, that person's neck.'"

Taka: "Sora-san, your neck is..."
Nakai: "Okada, what do you think?"

Okada: "There are a lot of lines..."

Go's question! He wants to know what customer service techniques they use.

Maria: "Doing the techniques of a 30-year-old with a 20-year-old's body."
It's right here that Taka gives Nakai a good smack on the head. It's a moment that must be seen in motion. Go download!

Taka: "But right here is 40."

Ken: "Orange! Orange! That's not nice, Orange!"

Ken: "That orange guy really is reckless!"
XD Ken, I don't normally say this, but.. ILU!

Ayaka uses her eyes to make a man fall. She stares at them until they snap.

Inocchi: "Among the V6 members, is there someone whom you could manipulate?"
Ayaka: *without missing a beat* "Sakamoto-san."
Sakamoto: "Me?"
Ken: "Please make him fall!"
Ayaka then makes an adorable face at him.

Sakamoto: *in a feeble voice* "I won't be done in by eyes."
Nakai: "You already have! That was fast! You're saying, 'I won't' with a face that already has!"
Sakamoto: XD;;

Ken wants to know which V6 member looks to be the most 'dirty.'

Maria picked Inocchi, except I swear she called him "Enohara." Haha!
Taka: "He looks like it! He looks like it!"
Nakai: "But I heard you were a pervert."
Inocchi: "No way! Who did you hear that from??"
Nakai: *turns to Maria* "What part of Inocchi?"
Maria: "His eroticism seems refreshing, but there may be a bit of a bad boy in there."

Inocchi: "Like 'I'd like to enjoy that gap,' right?"
Nakai: "Like there may be something hidden behind that smiling face."
Maria: "His way of being sexual might be nice, ya know?"

Ayaka chooses Okada.
Taka: "Iya~n, just as I thought, Okada-kun!"
Ayaka: "I watched 'Tokyo Tower,' and he was nude a lot. Even though it was just a role, I thought, 'Ah, he's definitely dirty.'"
Taka: "Ah, I too wanted to be Kuroki-san." (Kuroki-san = the lead actress starring opposite Okada)
Then there's a Daiwa House joke, which I don't get, but I suspect Kuroki is in the Daiwa House commercials now, hence the reference.

Next, Ai-chan tells them that she can tell a lot about a guy's sex life from the shape of his nose. Go asks what she can tell from the nose, and she explains that a person can find out the other's love making style. Nakai jumps in to defend V6. 

Nakai: "V6 doesn't have sex!"

Ai picks Okada, Miyake, and Inocchi as being the most likely to have "refreshing" ways of making love. They might be the ones to take the woman's feelings into consideration. 
Ken: "But it makes you wonder about the other remaining three." (Sakamoto, Morita, and Nagano)

Nakai: "Why are you not excited anymore? Previously you were all 'Woo! Woo!'"
Ai: "But you let out your enthusiasm in those moments, don't you?"

Go: "Eh?"
Ai: "Morita-san, you'd have your own way and have sex like a young boy."
Tonisen: "BWAHAHA! A BOY!"
Go: "A boy?"
Nakai: "Well nobody's gonna say, 'Yeah, that's true,' right?"
Instead of getting all pissy and defensive at basically being accused of being a horny teenager, Go instead just says, "oh, I see" and nods. He actually looks a little sad. It's just variety TV, Go-kun! We still love you!

Next is Ai-chan's ideas on Leader.
Ai: "Sakamoto-san... maybe out of all of them, you're the complete pervert."
Inocchi, Nagano, Ken: *DYING*
V6: "Hang on, this is our Leader here! Don't say bad things about our Leader!"
Nakai: "Leader's a pervert?"

Ai: "Leader and Morita-san look like they could be trading porn videos."
Inocchi: "Are you doing that?"
Ai: "Ah, did I guess right?"
Morita: "No, you didn't!"
Poor Go. He can only take so much abuse from Ai-chan.

Now the ladies will present bottles of fine liquor to their favorite member of V6. This bottle is meant to be kept in the club as that member's special bottle.

Sora goes first.
Taka: "The white whale!!"

At this point, Sakamoto, Inocchi, Nagano, and Okada are cracking up while Ken and Go look really uncomfortable. Maybe they were scared she'd give them the bottle, or maybe they thought, "It's not nice to make fun of people." It's probably the former, but the naive fangirl in me is going with the latter. ^_^

I can't catch exactly what she says, but I think it was something along the lines of, "since the bottle's shape and my shape are similar, please hold it while sleeping and think of me."

Ai-chan's bottle goes to Ken. She says, "He's cute like a little brother, and it's like I want to help him grow up."

Ayaka gives her bottle to Leader. She just kinda shoves it at him almost like she's too shy to do it properly. So cute! ^o^

Now, the Hooter Fairy Maria! She wants to know if she's really supposed to give the bottle to her number one person.
Taka: "Do it for real!"

Then she gives it to Taka! XD

Suddenly Taka is incredibly quiet and embarassed. Serves him right for the boob jokes!
Ken: "Orange!"
Inocchi: "What's this about?!"
Nakai: "Don't get all nervous when she hands it over!"

So he does his own Matsuura Aya bit and throws in another boob reference for good measure.

I'm shipping this from here on out.

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