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Because I owe [ profile] v6daisuki and [ profile] phoe_enix a tutorial. :)

I don't usually write these, so my apologies if it doesn't make sense. I'm basically reposting a method I found on a Japanese website. There are a few methods out there, but this method uses the video stored in your computer’s video cache folder. The hard part is finding that video and pulling it out, so we’ll have to use a free software program to find the video. Unfortunately, I think this software only works on PC and not Mac. If anyone knows of an app for Mac that will download videos from Mio Mio, please comment and let me know. :)

  1. Go to to download Video Cache View. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find the download links, and choose the one that fits your computer's specifications. There are also links to install additional languages if that interests you.

  2. After downloading, install the software on your computer.

  3. If you watch a lot of streaming video on your computer, you may want to clear your cache first so you don’t have lots of files to browse through.

  4. Using your web browser, find the video on Mio Mio that you want to download. Let that video play through all the way. You can watch it or you can just go off and do other stuff. Make a sandwich, do some laundry, idk. It’s your call.

  5. After the video has finished playing, open up Video Cache View.

  6. When the program window opens, you should see a list of files and website URLs. The files may not look like anything recognizable, but those are the pieces of the videos you’ve watched online.

  7. Now you’ll need to find the Mio Mio video you just streamed. In my case, it’s usually a .tmp file with a short letter and number file name.

  8. Once you think you’ve found the file, click the folder icon next to the green arrow in the top left corner of the Video Cache View window. This will copy the file to another location on your computer. Put this file somewhere that you know you can find it.

  9. This file should be your video you want from Mio Mio. These videos are in .flv format, so if you want to encode it into .avi, .mp4, .mkv, etc. then please use your favorite video encoding software. I like Freemake Video Converter because it’s super easy to use.

And there you have my secret! Hope you enjoy your files! If it didn't work for you for some reason... uh... I guess ask me? I may not know how to fix your problem, but I can try. XD;
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