Mar. 13th, 2011

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Need to get rid of some surplus items and wanted to give the friends list first dibs. :D If you see something here that you bought me, fear not! I kept yours and am giving up the one I paid for. (And yes I did keep track of which one you actually sent me.)

★ Pictures are thumbnails. Click for the larger image. Oh, and pardon my camera's awkward flash and the bad lighting. =/

★ Laminated posters are 16 1/2" by 12". Larger tour posters are roughly 36" by 24".

★ Things marked "official" are goods bought from either the Johnny's shop or while attending a concert. If it's not marked, it's from an idol shop in Osaka, Nagoya, or Tokyo.

★ Everything's in USD, just fyi. Prices aren't set in stone, just quote me something. If you're getting some of the bigger items (ex. posters, bags, pamphlets, etc.) and are interested in the smaller items (straps, can badges, keychains), let me know and I'll probably be inclined to just throw it in as 'omake.' ^_~

★ I can calculate shipping and get back with you.

★ Paypal, postal money order, other money order (for U.S. folks), and personal checks (also for U.S. folks.)

★ Comments screened, ya know, for the privacy. Non-LJ folks, be sure to sign your comment so I know who you are!

Did I forget anything...? 8D

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