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So there's this tree that I walk past on campus on a daily basis. I've passed it so many times, I can't even count. I never paid much attention to it because, duh, it's just a tree.

That stopped Monday when I rounded the corner and saw exactly what it was.

Comfort in unexpected places )
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So last Friday night, I was looking through Nagoya JET Sarah's recent wedding photos and I was bawling like a baby. True, it was in part due to the fact that everyone looked amazing and Sydney Harbour is possibly one of the best places to have an outdoor wedding, but I was mainly crying because it made me miss her and her husband Ian incredibly. They were the two who always stopped me mid-sentence when I'd start to put myself down and say things like, "We'll not have any of that. You're a lovely girl and someone will recognize that someday." And if ever I needed someone to tell me that, I needed it Friday.

After looking through Sarah's photos, I happened to check in on [ profile] aichijet and her page said she was spending the weekend in Iowa visiting her family. I wrote on her wall something saying, "Just knowing you're a little closer to me makes me happy." To my surprise, she texted me and said, "Hey, why not drive over here Sunday morning for some shopping and lunch?" So I did just that! :D We went to the same mall she took me to in October and had Starbuck's and did some shopping before going to Chili's for lunch. It was short -- only about 3 hours -- but it was exactly what I needed. The drive cleared my head and [ profile] aichijet's company was as pleasant as usual. I like knowing that there are some people in the world that I don't have to explain myself to or worry that they're misunderstanding me. And she brought up a good point: Despite thinking that America is this huge expanse of land dividing friends forever, those obstacles can be overcome.

The longer I live, the more I realize anything can be accomplished.

While wandering through the mall, I found the shoes I'd been looking for since Christmas!! Incidentally, I was with [ profile] aichijet the last time I bought my adidas sneakers in Nagoya, and when I was with her again, I managed to finally find a pair I like. She must be lucky! XD I didn't buy them because I'm POOR and they're $70, but that particular store is also in my hometown and they sell shoes online, so maybe I can pick up a pair next month.

Seriously. Tell me these shoes aren't the cutest thing ever. I DARE YOU.

Cohort members still make me want to throw myself off of something tall, but there's only 3 more weeks left then summer comes.

Btw, Nagoya Mew Mew: 5, Arashi Concert Jimusho: 0.
I'm seriously thinking my FC number is made of nothing but win. *I* don't get to go, but I've been told that goods will be bought if I supply the funding. 先輩、頼みます!m-_-m My Time Con DVD is in and at the post office right now, but I have to figure out the best way to get it. If I drive there tomorrow morning when they open, I'm afraid the postman will have already left and tried to deliver it to me again. I can go tomorrow afternoon after 3:30pm but he may not be back by then either. And if I don't get it then, I think I'd have to wait till possibly Saturday. ;_; That is entirely too long to be without concert footage.

Oh, I've received gifts from various flist members in the past few weeks and so I think I'll round them all up and take pictures to show off my new things. ([ profile] tipsytoe, I got the cute little coin purse and the picture of Inocchi and Sakamoto! Thank you!!!♥♥♥) I promise when I get some free time I'll share with you all what my lovely friends have sent me. ^_^

But for now, bedtime.
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So I have a birthday in a few weeks, and my mom's wanting to know what to get me. I've been wanting a new wallet for over 7 months now but I'm so picky that it's hard to find one to suit all my needs. Sanrio usually does a good job though, so I was looking through their site. I found two that are super cute and I can't decide. LJ poll time!!

[Poll #1143427]

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonably priced DVD player that can be hacked to be region free? I've looked around online at the hack lists but am having trouble finding one listed that is sold at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Circuit City, and the likes.

Thank you!

EDIT: I have deemed Kuromi: Cherries the winner. Thank you, to those of you who helped in this task! Mommy, you may click the link now and bestow upon me even more gifts because I guess society feels that the gift of LIFE isn't enough.
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So I realized something a few minutes ago. I came home at around 5:30pm and took out all the ingredients for my dinner tonight. I was planning on having sweet and sour pork, rice, gyoza, and some Chinese egg flower soup. I turned on the 6pm news and started cutting the veggies and frying the meat while listening to what had happened during the day while I was at school. I opened the sweet and sour pork sauce packet -- a packet I'd used a thousand times in Japan -- and put the finishing touches to my dinner. Then I sat down at 7pm to watch this week's "Gakkou e Ikou! MAX" and realized something that made me smile: If it weren't for the fact that it's a Thursday in Macomb, it could've very easily been any given Tuesday in Nagoya. My pattern after work every night was to come home, turn on Tokai TV evening news, cook dinner while listening to the headlines, then settle in to eat while watching the variety shows. It was a realization that made me smile, and considering I felt like crying yesterday, I needed something to make me giggle.

Arashi may pull me up, but V6 catch me when I fall.

Anyway, I told the lovely [ profile] aatash-gyoza that I'd upload this past week's episode of "Gakkou e Ikou! MAX" because they're starting a new corner where they dress men up as women. It was so hilarious, I had to cap a little bit to share with you all along with the files.

Sad fact: I will never be this beautiful despite being the one with the "mommy parts."

[Gakkou e Ikou! MAX] Part 1 [2008.01.22] Disguising Men as Women
The background music is "Dude Looks Like a Lady!!
video credit: lakyniu cb

Gender bending is always fun. ALWAYS.  )

In the second part, Denjiro-sensei returns to blind us all with science. I fully believe that Denjiro is going to be killed in some lab accident someday. And it won't be in that really cool "massive explosion" way either. He'll simply trip over some electrical cord and bash his head on one of those cold, black stone tables we had in science class.

[Gakkou e Ikou! MAX] Part 2 [2008.01.22] Denjiro-sensei's Experiments
When balloons attack! Film at 11.
video credit: lakyniu cb
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Hey everyone!

As most of you know, I’m currently working on a master’s degree at Western Illinois University. What I’ve neglected to explain is exactly what I’m studying and why. I think if I were to tell you that I’m studying “College Student Personnel,” that still wouldn’t give you any clue as to what I’m doing. For some of you in other countries, it may even be confusing because the meaning of “college” is different for us all. Regardless of whether or not you attend a “college” or a “university,” there may be a student services division working hard to make your learning experience rewarding and enjoyable. 

If I try to sum it up in a few sentences, I could say the College Student Personnel program exists to train people to become student affairs professionals. We study the organization and administration of the American higher education system, work in offices to gain experience about programming and services, and we advise and assist students with their needs. We do all of this in order to help students grow as individuals and become well-rounded members of society. But having said that, I still don’t think it explains fully what the program is about. 

Before I attempt to elaborate on the purpose and goals of the program, let me first explain what areas make up a university’s student affairs division. Even though every university and college is different, the student affairs division will be comprised of similar offices. For example, the Residence Life office will be in charge of managing the residence halls, the dining halls, and other services associated with living on campus at the institution. The Public Safety office is in charge of having police and other staff on hand for emergencies and to maintain campus safety. Offices such as the Career Center, the Counseling Center, and Student Activities and Organizations could be under the Dean of Students office because they offer guidance on personal growth and leadership. No matter the set up of the university, the student affairs division can be thought of as the part of campus life that deals with helping students learn about themselves while the academic divisions give them knowledge about their chosen subject area. 

Going back to what I mentioned earlier, students in the College Student Personnel program are learning to be student affairs professionals. This means that someday they will be working in offices like the ones mentioned above and will be responsible for guiding students into becoming well-rounded individuals. Although our areas are different, the goals of student affairs professionals are very similar. We want students to discover their potential through opportunities for activity. This could mean becoming involved with a student organization, joining an athletic team, or participating in the various programs a university offers. All of these experiences will give students a chance to show leadership and growth. Student affairs professionals also want students to think about their strengths and weaknesses and find ways to use those strengths to their advantage or work to eliminate those weaknesses. By the end of a student’s undergraduate career, a student affairs professional hopes that student understands what he or she can do to contribute to making society a better place. 

I know it sounds all “touchy-feely,” and it is in a way, but it’s also very important. For those of you who have graduated, or those of you about to graduate, think about how you feel about yourself now and what all you’ve learned. Then think about how you felt when you first started your undergraduate courses. Do you feel that you learned a lot not only about your subject but about yourself? Do you feel you’ve grown into a mature adult ready to make important decisions about the future? If so, then you’ve accomplished what a student affairs professional set out to help you do. We do it because we want to see students discover who they are and how they can use their talents to contribute to the world. We do it because we remember the people who helped us when we were lost and needed advice on difficult issues. And we do it because we too like to interact with people from different backgrounds because it helps our own personal growth. As for myself, I enjoy knowing that I've helped someone accomplish a goal and experience something new.  

Well, I hope that helps explain a little bit about what I'm doing over here at Western Illinois. If you have any questions, please ask! Thanks for reading!

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[ profile] tsukiori is having a bad Japan week, and so I'm finally going to translate this for her since she's such a Narimiya Hiroki fan. I hope it'll make her laugh and smile. Nino has that effect on people.

But I'm Ninomiya.

Like I mentioned yesterday,

All of us in Arashi were filming the promotion video, but

it's hot.



I was surprised!!!!!!

So much so that I said, "How much can I sweat!?"

Sweat was trailing down.

If I think about it now...

just the end...

to be refreshed...

I was praying for only that.

On the way home,

When I was riding in the car waiting at the traffic light,

I was noticed!!

by the townspeople!!

But among that group...

I was always...

"Hey! Look! It's Narimiya-kun!! Narimiya-kun!! Awesome. It's the first time I've seen him in person!!"

You haven't seen him yet.
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Well, it's Jun's birthday, and exactly one month since I went to the Yokohama concert. Seems like now is as good a time as any to reflect on that. Shall we?

OMG Arashi danced over my head!! )
Jun-kun, happy birthday, and thank you for bringing me this far. ^_~

A riddle

Jul. 30th, 2007 11:55 pm
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How is it that 8 hours ago I was a mere 5 meters away from this man, screaming my head off while he screamed back, and now I'm watching him do a re-cap of the election results on the nightly news. 

How is that?

Screw Disney. JAPAN is the happiest, most magical place on earth.

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ちょっと酔っ払ってます *sweatdrop*
I'm a little drunk.


I'm really drunk!!!!

Iyaa-, I'm sleepy!!

Really sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let's sleep!!

That's what I'll do!!


And. Sorry about today. 

I think Nino drunk texted us. How great is that??! XD And I love how my standards for an actual male I'd want to be associated with and a male I choose to idolize are 180 degrees apart from each other. If it's a real boyfriend, I always say, "Well, I prefer a non-smoker who doesn't drink much and likes to have quiet evenings." But if it's a member of Arashi, I suddenly turn into Larry the Cable Guy and yell, "Hey Nino! Git 'er done! Woohoo!!"
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Tickets to Natsucon: 6500yen
Concert goods to remember the day: 17,000yen
Screaming "Sakura Sake" with 11,000 other people: Priceless

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Did you see it!?

Did you see it!?!?!?!?!?


You saw it!!!!!!!

Well, to tell the truth.

I studied beforehand.

Because when I was told journalists would approach me...

I didn't want to be the embarrassment of Johnny's Jimusho!!!!

And since I heard they'd ask all about the movie

I thought they were only going to ask about the movie

So I studied until I felt like I could handle anything.

But it was mostly about the drama, wasn't it?

But by changing the words...

I was saved.

and that's my excuse.

Next week at that time... it's Yamada Taro Monogatari!!

Don't miss it!

So maybe that's our answer as to whether or not it was scripted? I dunno. Nino's a world-class liar, so it's hard to tell. ^_~ Btw, translation done in 5 minutes because I'm late for an appointment, so excuse any sentences that may not be exactly identical to the Japanese grammar used. You get the idea.
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In honor of "Kiiroi Namida" being released nationwide tomorrow, I decided to post a translation of two things. 

The first is a series of mail exchanges the boys did between each other through the Johnny's mobile phone site. But I have to apologize about something first: I dropped the ball a little on this one. -_-; I got Nino and Jun's mails, read them, and then deleted them. It wasn't until I got Aiba's that it occured to me, "Heeeey, maybe other people will want to read these." *bangs head on desk* So fellow fansisters, I apologize immensely. But please enjoy what Aiba-chan, Leader, and Sho-kun have to say! 

The second translation is an interview Magazine did for the film. Famima is short for the convenience store chain "Family Mart," which has been doing promotion for the film by selling Kiiroi Namida food items and other goods. My desk at work is full of packs of gum purely because I want the trading cards. -_-;

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Late, I know. But this is my first time actually translating with the intention of other people reading it. Also, I don't have a beta reader, so please excuse any awkward sentences. Anyway, the topics given by TV Guide were:
1. Tell us about the single "Love So Sweet."
2. Tell us something sweet about another member.
3. Tell us something sweet about yourself or how you would spend time with a date.

Enough of my rambling and excuses! On to the important stuff!

Sweet Secrets )
甘~い嵐 )
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