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So last Friday night, I was looking through Nagoya JET Sarah's recent wedding photos and I was bawling like a baby. True, it was in part due to the fact that everyone looked amazing and Sydney Harbour is possibly one of the best places to have an outdoor wedding, but I was mainly crying because it made me miss her and her husband Ian incredibly. They were the two who always stopped me mid-sentence when I'd start to put myself down and say things like, "We'll not have any of that. You're a lovely girl and someone will recognize that someday." And if ever I needed someone to tell me that, I needed it Friday.

After looking through Sarah's photos, I happened to check in on [ profile] aichijet and her page said she was spending the weekend in Iowa visiting her family. I wrote on her wall something saying, "Just knowing you're a little closer to me makes me happy." To my surprise, she texted me and said, "Hey, why not drive over here Sunday morning for some shopping and lunch?" So I did just that! :D We went to the same mall she took me to in October and had Starbuck's and did some shopping before going to Chili's for lunch. It was short -- only about 3 hours -- but it was exactly what I needed. The drive cleared my head and [ profile] aichijet's company was as pleasant as usual. I like knowing that there are some people in the world that I don't have to explain myself to or worry that they're misunderstanding me. And she brought up a good point: Despite thinking that America is this huge expanse of land dividing friends forever, those obstacles can be overcome.

The longer I live, the more I realize anything can be accomplished.

While wandering through the mall, I found the shoes I'd been looking for since Christmas!! Incidentally, I was with [ profile] aichijet the last time I bought my adidas sneakers in Nagoya, and when I was with her again, I managed to finally find a pair I like. She must be lucky! XD I didn't buy them because I'm POOR and they're $70, but that particular store is also in my hometown and they sell shoes online, so maybe I can pick up a pair next month.

Seriously. Tell me these shoes aren't the cutest thing ever. I DARE YOU.

Cohort members still make me want to throw myself off of something tall, but there's only 3 more weeks left then summer comes.

Btw, Nagoya Mew Mew: 5, Arashi Concert Jimusho: 0.
I'm seriously thinking my FC number is made of nothing but win. *I* don't get to go, but I've been told that goods will be bought if I supply the funding. 先輩、頼みます!m-_-m My Time Con DVD is in and at the post office right now, but I have to figure out the best way to get it. If I drive there tomorrow morning when they open, I'm afraid the postman will have already left and tried to deliver it to me again. I can go tomorrow afternoon after 3:30pm but he may not be back by then either. And if I don't get it then, I think I'd have to wait till possibly Saturday. ;_; That is entirely too long to be without concert footage.

Oh, I've received gifts from various flist members in the past few weeks and so I think I'll round them all up and take pictures to show off my new things. ([ profile] tipsytoe, I got the cute little coin purse and the picture of Inocchi and Sakamoto! Thank you!!!♥♥♥) I promise when I get some free time I'll share with you all what my lovely friends have sent me. ^_^

But for now, bedtime.


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