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I can't let this LJ Writer's Block slip by -- not today, of all days. Not on my third Arashi anniversary. ^_^

So, my most memorable concert? Not that I have many to choose from, but I'll say the Time tour. I could say that Yokohama was best because I was able to realize the dream of being under the moving stage, thanks to [ profile] aeslis. Not to mention the Neen wheeling right past us and winking. But I also don't want to disregard the immense fun I had with [ profile] inuhariko, [ profile] goingasajet, and [ profile] renchan5 in Osaka. Both concerts were wonderful (despite the rain and typhoons), and will always be among my best memories of Japan.♥
redmisoplz: 1月 (Memories ♣ Arashi Time 2007)
Well, it's Jun's birthday, and exactly one month since I went to the Yokohama concert. Seems like now is as good a time as any to reflect on that. Shall we?

OMG Arashi danced over my head!! )
Jun-kun, happy birthday, and thank you for bringing me this far. ^_~

A riddle

Jul. 30th, 2007 11:55 pm
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How is it that 8 hours ago I was a mere 5 meters away from this man, screaming my head off while he screamed back, and now I'm watching him do a re-cap of the election results on the nightly news. 

How is that?

Screw Disney. JAPAN is the happiest, most magical place on earth.

redmisoplz: 1月 (Memories ♣ Arashi Time 2007)
Tickets to Natsucon: 6500yen
Concert goods to remember the day: 17,000yen
Screaming "Sakura Sake" with 11,000 other people: Priceless


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