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A few weeks ago, a Japanese friend of mine who otherwise dislikes all things "Johnny's Jimusho" sent me a flailing facebook message saying, "You need to see Matsuoka-kun on Shabekuri007!" She was absolutely right. If you'd like to view the segment, you can find the file over here at Tudou or I have uploaded the flv rip I took on Megaupload. It's probably best to watch and scroll along with the text at the same time. Just sayin'.

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A request from [profile] tipsytoe  because her boss is dumb and doesn't realize that Vietnam's location alone qualifies it for "Southeast Asia."

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I promised [personal profile] elenniel   that I'd screencap and give her a summary of the recent V6 talk on "Hey Hey Hey." So I'm doing just that.
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[ profile] tsukiori is having a bad Japan week, and so I'm finally going to translate this for her since she's such a Narimiya Hiroki fan. I hope it'll make her laugh and smile. Nino has that effect on people.

But I'm Ninomiya.

Like I mentioned yesterday,

All of us in Arashi were filming the promotion video, but

it's hot.



I was surprised!!!!!!

So much so that I said, "How much can I sweat!?"

Sweat was trailing down.

If I think about it now...

just the end...

to be refreshed...

I was praying for only that.

On the way home,

When I was riding in the car waiting at the traffic light,

I was noticed!!

by the townspeople!!

But among that group...

I was always...

"Hey! Look! It's Narimiya-kun!! Narimiya-kun!! Awesome. It's the first time I've seen him in person!!"

You haven't seen him yet.
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In honor of "Kiiroi Namida" being released nationwide tomorrow, I decided to post a translation of two things. 

The first is a series of mail exchanges the boys did between each other through the Johnny's mobile phone site. But I have to apologize about something first: I dropped the ball a little on this one. -_-; I got Nino and Jun's mails, read them, and then deleted them. It wasn't until I got Aiba's that it occured to me, "Heeeey, maybe other people will want to read these." *bangs head on desk* So fellow fansisters, I apologize immensely. But please enjoy what Aiba-chan, Leader, and Sho-kun have to say! 

The second translation is an interview Magazine did for the film. Famima is short for the convenience store chain "Family Mart," which has been doing promotion for the film by selling Kiiroi Namida food items and other goods. My desk at work is full of packs of gum purely because I want the trading cards. -_-;

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Late, I know. But this is my first time actually translating with the intention of other people reading it. Also, I don't have a beta reader, so please excuse any awkward sentences. Anyway, the topics given by TV Guide were:
1. Tell us about the single "Love So Sweet."
2. Tell us something sweet about another member.
3. Tell us something sweet about yourself or how you would spend time with a date.

Enough of my rambling and excuses! On to the important stuff!

Sweet Secrets )
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