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Because I owe [ profile] v6daisuki and [ profile] phoe_enix a tutorial. :)

I don't usually write these, so my apologies if it doesn't make sense. I'm basically reposting a method I found on a Japanese website. There are a few methods out there, but this method uses the video stored in your computer’s video cache folder. The hard part is finding that video and pulling it out, so we’ll have to use a free software program to find the video. Unfortunately, I think this software only works on PC and not Mac. If anyone knows of an app for Mac that will download videos from Mio Mio, please comment and let me know. :)

Instructions )

And there you have my secret! Hope you enjoy your files! If it didn't work for you for some reason... uh... I guess ask me? I may not know how to fix your problem, but I can try. XD;
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Hi friends! Since I now have quite a bit of time on my hands, I'd like to ask what chat programs/social networking sites you use to keep in touch with friends. I have Skype and Yahoo messenger, and I think I even have Babblr for Tumblr. But are there other things you use? If so, please leave me a comment with your details and I'll add you! The comments will be screened so your usernames and such won't be available to just anyone.
Thanks!! :D


Dec. 5th, 2012 10:05 am
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DW! How they hangin'? Let's get started, eh?

★ Work is okay. It's busy all the time, it seems. The more fabulous ideas my boss has, the more I get to do them. That on top of having to do other peoples' jobs because they suddenly refuse to handle situations. For example, we were expecting two French students to arrive during the Thanksgiving holiday break, yet nobody had done anything to prepare for them. Cue me dashing through Wal-Mart to pick up pillows, blankets, microwave foods and snacks, fruits, etc. It all worked out because I'm a rock star, but I don't think I'll let it happen again. Need to be prepared next time!

★ The Monday of that week, Grandma had a minor heart attack. She spent the week of Thanksgiving in the hospital where they did some surgery to open up blood flow from her heart to her brain. She's currently in a rehabilitation center where she's supposed to be learning how to take care of herself again so she can go home. She's caused a little bit of trouble by being a diva, but we expected that. She seemed to be doing really well - walking wonderfully and carrying on great conversations - but I guess today she was saying that people who have been dead for years are the ones taking care of her. It's... a little... odd. =/ I have no idea what's going to happen with all of that.

★ My friend, Azusa, came from Japan to spend Thanksgiving with her host family and my family. We had her Thursday night for dinner and then on Friday, she and I went to Indianapolis to meet two other friends. One of the friends, Daisuke, is an athletic trainer for the San Antonio Spurs basketball team, so he got Azusa and the other friend courtside seats to the Spurs x Pacers game! (I'm sure he would've done the same for me but he didn't know I was in Indiana and we're not super close.) It was fun catching up with Azu. In some ways, it's like she never left. We did normal things like pig out on junk food and then go to the dollar store to buy useless crap for a buck. XD

★ I can't even with Christmas right now. I just... can't. Actually, I think I've bought all the gifts I need to, but the problem is I have NO IDEA what to tell my parents to get me. I don't want anything! There are little things that would be nice but nothing I actually need. I think I'm just going to go around the internet and find stocking stuffer items and say "Whatever. It works. There ya go." There's one thing I do want, but it's something my parents can't buy me. That'll have to wait for another entry though, because there are LOTS of pictures I need to show you. @_@

★ I was in the local German restaurant Saturday night and had a chance to run into the German teacher I knew from high school. Her name is Erica Cantin, but we all just call her "Frau" because that's what she said to call her when we were 16. She's a waitress part time in the restaurant, and I was actually hoping I'd see her because I needed to talk to her. I found out a few months earlier that Frau is basically the only one in the city keeping our Sister Cities program alive. Remember how I volunteered with the Duluth Sister Cities program? Well, I thought it would be something nice to do here as well -- especially since this is my hometown. When I e-mailed Frau, I never heard back from her, so I was happy to see her in the restaurant. I gave her my business card and explained who I was. She said, "OH! I did get your e-mail! I've been meaning to get in touch with you! In a week or two, I'm going to be meeting the school superintendent (note: my junior high school principal!), and I'm going to try to convince him to promote the Tajimi, Japan exchange to local kids. I really want him to go check out Tajimi and lead a group of students."
Me: "FRAU, TAKE ME WITH YOU. I BEG OF YOU. I lived just an hour outside of Tajimi in Nagoya! I've BEEN TO Tajimi! I can lead! Pleaseohpleaseohplease let me help!!"
I think she could tell I was enthusiastic. XD So she gave me her business card as well and put her cell phone number on the back. She seemed hopeful that there would be enough kids to go on the exchange, but it just takes getting local parents to agree to the idea. I hope it works out that I can be included in the program here, if nothing else because I know how hard it is to coordinate these things and one person alone will go crazy trying to do it.

As we finished our meal and paid our bill, I asked Frau if I could get a slice of Black Forest cake to go, and she said that was no problem. She boxed it up, I took it home, made a cup of tea, and settled in to eat it while I watched "Arashi ni Shiyagare." When I opened the box, this is what I found:

"Great to meet you! Keep making our world a better place!"
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I suppose it's not possible to simply "cut and run" from here without any damage. For all my bitching about not being connected to the community, that's actually a bit of a lie.

I got an e-mail randomly a few days ago from Miaki-sensei. It said there was a visitor from Duluth's sister city in Japan coming here for a week and there would be a party for him. I had a ticket to see a comedian that night at 8pm, but since the party was at 6, I figured I could say hello and just leave a little early. So I made up some tabouleh and took that as my contribution to dinner. Many of the local Japanese wives were there as well as affluent people connected to the sister cities program and the local Rotary. I hadn't seen the wives in a while, so I was happy I had a chance to talk with them again. I told them I was leaving, and everyone was really sad to hear it. They were saying things like, "Well, if Robin leaves, what'll we do? It's such a shame we're losing her." I don't know that I really make much of a difference, but I guess it's nice to know some people think so? Taeko-san, the "grand madame" of the wives, was there and introduced me to one of the Duluth women by saying,"This is Robin. You know, she speaks fluent Japanese." The woman said,"Is that so? Wow!" I said, "Oh no no no, I'm certainly not fluent*." Taeko-san replied, "No, it's true. I don't say that about just anybody. I'm serious." I'm happy to hear someone has that much faith in me... I just wish I hadn't lost all the stuff I used to know. (*People who knew me in Japan: You wouldn't recognize me now. I can't nihongo my way out of a paper bag these days. >_<;;)

The visitor was the grandfather of a young woman studying English here for the summer. Of course grandpa didn't speak any English, so when he wanted to make a speech to the group, a translator was needed. Have you ever been watching a cartoon where a volunteer is needed, so the people who don't want to volunteer take one giant step backward and the clueless individual is left out in front as the sucker? Guess who was clueless last night! ^_^; So there I was kinda suckered into translating this man's speech. I hope I got everything right! >_<; But from what I could tell, he was just saying he appreciated everyone coming together on his behalf and he was grateful to the hosts for having the party and hosting his granddaughter in their home. I felt so bad for him at times because he didn't really have anyone to talk to. The woman I was sitting next to wanted to ask about his koi pond, so I was doing my best to translate her questions and his answers. She wanted to know how long the fish lived, and there was a time in my life when I would've known how to ask how long an animal's life span is, but I ended up just saying something like, "How old are your fish?" which is a weird question, I think. =/ But I think it all worked out. His granddaughter and another young girl who just spent a year here as a high school exchange student talked together a lot, and I was listening in. At one point the high school girl was explaining turducken and I almost choked on my soumen laughing. XD

I was having a lot of fun until someone really unpleasant walked in. Did I ever tell you all about this other guy that works at my school who also does study abroad advising? Well, in case I didn't, I'll make it short: There's this other guy here who is the international student recruiter, a job that takes him away from school a lot, so when study abroad students need help, he's not here. Even when he does talk with them, he doesn't really "advise" and tell them what they need to know, so they don't get all the info and it sometimes ruins their plans to go abroad. (It happened twice this past semester alone.) Nobody at the school has the guts to just tell him, "You need to stop advising for study abroad," so I've been working this whole time kinda behind his back except not really because it's my job? Ugh, so confusing and frustrating. Anyway, he walked in last night, and I was like, "FML. Why does he have to be here?" As it turns out, I didn't even get a chance to talk to him because he had friends to talk to and I was with the wives and the girls. Still, though, super awkward. =/

Before I had to run to my next obligation, I did get a nice gift from the grandfather. He'd brought us all small plates - kutani yaki - from Ishikawa prefecture. It made me think that maybe I need to buy something nice for all the wives to show my appreciation for them sort of taking me in when nobody else did. I'll need to think of something nice...

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After losing 45lbs, I'm discovering old outfits that I haven't worn in ages. It's a lot of fun - especially when they are clothes I wore in Japan. Fond memories of teaching! However, this has also caused me to create a self-imposed ban on buying any new outfits because why buy more clothes if I'm *hopefully* going to keep losing weight?

Having said that, I made a few exceptions yesterday. If there's one thing that's hard for a plus size girl to find, it's suit pieces. For those of you taller and thinner folk, consider yourselves especially lucky when it comes to professional wear. Most suits are made for people of a certain height and frame. Anything outside of that shape just looks odd and box-y. =/ So when I saw Lane Bryant had light-weight spring jackets on sale, I snatched two up; one in white and one in black:

The camisoles underneath were suggested by the shop's staff, and I really like them. The jackets are amazing because they completely fit without any tailoring whatsoever. Do you know how hard that is for hippy, slope-shouldered, 5'2" me??! I'm super excited to finally have decent fitting jackets for potential job interviews. Ones made out of BREATHABLE materials so I won't roast in the summer sun.

The other thing I picked up was a pure indulgence. I certainly don't need one more top, but this was too cute to pass up:

These shirts were really popular in Japan when I was living there, but the style hadn't come stateside yet, so I was always disappointed that I couldn't find similar clothes to match the Japanese girls'. I'm sure even their styles have moved on from this point. Leave it to the U.S. to be behind the times. :(
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Totally ordered the Sailor Moon hoodie today...

Also got this MLP Applejack shirt...



Apr. 25th, 2011 09:32 am
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Pisces - April 25, 2011
You are easily enamored with your own fantasies today as the Moon moves through your 12th House of Imagination. You might even forget when to return to reality. Although drifting off into your dreams is often a rejuvenating activity, you won't be able to turn your back on your responsibilities now. Planning a temporary escape can work as long as you cover your bases in the real world.

Oh shut up, horoscope. I don't need you rubbing it in that my Inner Mind Theatre is more awesome than what's actually going on around here, and I'm not allowed to fully retreat into fantasy.

I had a really strange dream Saturday night/Sunday morning. I was in my current job and doing a site visit to a university in Nagoya with a short-term intensive Japanese program. Upon arriving in Nagoya, I noticed everything was different. It was, for lack of a better phrase, broke down. Like the city leaders had just "let it go." I felt very sad that the city I love had suddenly gone to pot.

I met with the foreign students at the school and asked them how they liked everything, and of course they said everything was great. I was kind of jealous of them (in a positive way), so I said, "Wow, wish I could stay with you all and study. I could use a little brushing up on my Japanese." They said, "Why don't you?," so I stayed! I completely shrugged off my duty as a study abroad coordinator and said, "To hell with it all, I wanna study again!" It was a Monday, and classes were over for the day, but I knew I had a lot of homework to catch up on since the program had been going for a week already. However, as I looked around, I couldn't focus on getting any studying done because I wanted to explore Nagoya and figure out why it had changed so much. (I also really wanted to find the nearest Coco Ichi and get some curry. XD) Then I woke up because Mom called me.

As I hung up the phone and wandered into my kitchen to make coffee, I wondered why I'd have such an odd dream. Was it the chocolate I ate before bed? Had I been stanning and translating too much and worked up some emotions?

Then I realized it was Easter morning. It was nine years ago Easter morning that I left my family and went to Nagoya to study.
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A few weeks ago, a Japanese friend of mine who otherwise dislikes all things "Johnny's Jimusho" sent me a flailing facebook message saying, "You need to see Matsuoka-kun on Shabekuri007!" She was absolutely right. If you'd like to view the segment, you can find the file over here at Tudou or I have uploaded the flv rip I took on Megaupload. It's probably best to watch and scroll along with the text at the same time. Just sayin'.

TL;DR but hilarious. I promise )
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Did LJ get hacked again? Or is it just my connection? I swear, they need to get their shit together...
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One thing I like about the field of International Education is that, for the most part, we have a good perspective on things when other people don't. But that's only "for the most part." Take, for example, this recent e-mail I got from Diversity Abroad is usually a pretty awesome site. It's geared toward underrepresented populations in study abroad (i.e. ethnic minorities, students with disabilities, low income students, etc.), and has a lot of resources for making study abroad happen for these students. I really like them. Well, until they freaked like everybody else.

March 21st, 2011
Hard Times in Japan

Recently an earthquake erupted off the shore of the Tohoku region in Japan. The quake, measured as a 9.0 on the Richter scale, is the largest earthquake in recorded Japanese history. The massive quake caused a tsunami which devastated many northern coastal cities. Currently, the number of dead and missing has soared to 10,000.

Okay, so far, we're fine. Just the facts. That's what we need and want.

In addition to the earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese government is racing to contain a radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear complex near the affected areas to prevent.

Umm... yeah, but can we not make it sound like there's glowing ooze all over the prefecture?

Several of the Fukushima nuclear plants were damaged by the tsunami and are now releasing radiation. Cities around the exposed areas have been evacuated. A low level of radiation has already reached Tokyo, which is located 180 miles south of the Fukushima complex.

Yeah, but again, there's no ooze. Just a little higher than normal radiation. And there's been no mass exodus from the entire regions. Just people in the immediate vicinity and everyone else has been advised to stay indoors. Was that too hard to work into your little e-mail blurb?

And by dragging Tokyo into this, it makes the average person think, "ZOMG! Well if it's in TOKYO, then... AHHHHH!!" Because most Americans only have reference for Tokyo, and Tokyo = all of Japan. It just does. Sad but true.

Damage to the Fukushima reactors has also caused black-outs throughout Tokyo and other cities.

Well, if by "caused" you mean "the power company decided to cycle the energy," then yes, I guess it was a cause. But I can bet people will immediately think that the whole thing is in ruins and all of Tohoku and Kanto are sitting in the dark. From what I can tell given the reports friends in Japan have shared, such is not the case for Tokyo and the surrounding cities. Meanwhile, when things get a little hot on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S., the whole grid shuts down. (And why can't I find any reports about that when I google? Are they trying to cover it up?)

Staple food supplies in many of these cities have run dry due to people stocking up on provisional supplies.

Er... yeah, it was a challenge to buy stuff because people got a little scared and bought too much, but it's not exactly like there is no food supply and children in Tokyo are dying. For that you'll want to actually look at the trouble area -- you know, the one nobody's talking about.

The e-mail then goes on to list where you can donate, but never once tries to tell you the truth. Thanks, Diversity Abroad. Thanks.
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Need to get rid of some surplus items and wanted to give the friends list first dibs. :D If you see something here that you bought me, fear not! I kept yours and am giving up the one I paid for. (And yes I did keep track of which one you actually sent me.)

★ Pictures are thumbnails. Click for the larger image. Oh, and pardon my camera's awkward flash and the bad lighting. =/

★ Laminated posters are 16 1/2" by 12". Larger tour posters are roughly 36" by 24".

★ Things marked "official" are goods bought from either the Johnny's shop or while attending a concert. If it's not marked, it's from an idol shop in Osaka, Nagoya, or Tokyo.

★ Everything's in USD, just fyi. Prices aren't set in stone, just quote me something. If you're getting some of the bigger items (ex. posters, bags, pamphlets, etc.) and are interested in the smaller items (straps, can badges, keychains), let me know and I'll probably be inclined to just throw it in as 'omake.' ^_~

★ I can calculate shipping and get back with you.

★ Paypal, postal money order, other money order (for U.S. folks), and personal checks (also for U.S. folks.)

★ Comments screened, ya know, for the privacy. Non-LJ folks, be sure to sign your comment so I know who you are!

Did I forget anything...? 8D

posters )

tour goods )

stationery )

fun stuff )
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You guys... my financial situation is almost scary. After I pay my bills, I have basically $50 to buy food and gas for two weeks. T___T And this month is especially hard because I do have to pick up a few things for Christmas (for my parents) and I need to be planning for my trip to Mexico in January. So I went to TJ Maxx today and got this cute Harajuku Lovers bag. I needed a small zipper purse to take on the trip since all of my bags are either too big or don't have any way to deter pickpockets. (Not that I think Mexicans are criminals, but everyone needs to be careful in crowded areas like big cities and marketplaces.)
So this is the bag I got...

I like that it's a KISS spoof. XD

A few weeks ago, the nuns at my school had their annual Christmas sale. It's like this big tradition, and a lot of the items are handmade. I got this tree skirt since our tree at home doesn't have a proper skirt. (We've been using this gross piece of red felt.)

I've been doing some baking lately along with all the cooking I normally do. I made these mini pumpkin pies just after Thanksgiving:

On Friday, I went to a co-worker's house to have a holiday cookie baking spree. Normally I'd just make whatever cookies I want, but since I started a healthy eating regimen, I needed to dig up a somewhat sensible recipe. I ended up making these chocolate chocolate chip cookies:

But best of all, I had a helper:

And don't cry and whine about no LJ-cuts. I rarely post and these are thumbnails. Deal. Uh, I mean, how are all of you doing? :)


Sep. 9th, 2010 09:36 pm
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LJ customization is hard. ;o; I'm trying to find a new layout to work with this header, and it's proving difficult. I like this layout, but the header isn't exactly 800x450, so it's off-center a bit. And I'm not too sure how to solve that without having an image that fits the height and width to the pixel.

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I think Shinsengumi Lian are kind of like Hexagon's answer to KAT-TUN. There's some sort of Engrish rap in the middle of this PV, and even though I had all the lyrics, I still had no idea what they were trying to say. However, they said it very well! I guess that's what happens when one of your members goes to Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

I'm hoping this song will pop up somewhere soon for download. I kept looking and looking for their first single, "Otokomichi," but just now found it from a random Mediafire link. If J-pop fandom has taught me anything, it's patience, so I'll wait for a little while longer...
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I can't let this LJ Writer's Block slip by -- not today, of all days. Not on my third Arashi anniversary. ^_^

So, my most memorable concert? Not that I have many to choose from, but I'll say the Time tour. I could say that Yokohama was best because I was able to realize the dream of being under the moving stage, thanks to [ profile] aeslis. Not to mention the Neen wheeling right past us and winking. But I also don't want to disregard the immense fun I had with [ profile] inuhariko, [ profile] goingasajet, and [ profile] renchan5 in Osaka. Both concerts were wonderful (despite the rain and typhoons), and will always be among my best memories of Japan.♥
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[ profile] aatash and a friend are working on a Japanese prefectural comic somewhat modeled after Hetalia. It's a brilliant idea. I volunteered to upload the Kenminsei specials as, uh, "character research," so if anybody else is interested in learning more about prefectural characteristics, please feel free to download!

I haven't watched all of these yet but scanned them to get an idea of what prefectures were highlighted. Specials 2 and 3 are only Sho's cuts and are in .mpg form. Specials 4 and 5 are the full show and in .avi form. I never did find the first special. Anybody know where that might be?

Video credit goes to oc244 cb, THE ARASHI! cb, and hot3810 cb.
Saving your flist from screencappage )
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So where was I on Tuesday? Ironically... )
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A request from [profile] tipsytoe  because her boss is dumb and doesn't realize that Vietnam's location alone qualifies it for "Southeast Asia."

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I promised [personal profile] elenniel   that I'd screencap and give her a summary of the recent V6 talk on "Hey Hey Hey." So I'm doing just that.
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I told [personal profile] sailormgm that I would translate an omelette rice recipe for her. I got it from the episode of "Oneemans" that Ohno was on sometime in February. The food looked so good that I wanted to try it myself, but alas, grad school doesn't allow enough time for that. So, I'd like to state up front that I have not attempted this recipe myself. But if any of you lovely people would like to try, feel free!

Because different foods will be available to you in each of your countries, if you see something here that might be difficult to find, just use your instincts to substitute. Or simply add different things to make it your own recipe! Also, if you don't have a rice cooker, I imagine you could use a simple pot with a lid, but be sure to stir the rice periodically so it doesn't stick. Lastly, measurements are in American cooking terms because I'm too lazy to convert and we're all smart enough to use the intarnetz to figure out ounces to grams. Sorry. m-_-m


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